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my dealers name in my phone is johnny ramone cause his name is john but i dont know his last name hahaha


hey followers, these are my fairy god parents, slitz and sheena. They were in a punk band called “the smashed wands” and had 2 hit singles, “fuck da rules!” and “kill the pixies” before  they were forced to become my fairies. arent they great
from a halloween show they did, cant remember what year. 1977? ive never seen this photo before! and its in such high quality i am freaking out

i have no one to talk to about the ramone so im in some group on facebook called THE RAMONES WORLDWIDE FAN GROUP HEY HO LETS GO and i talk about the ramones with old people LOL. im jealous they’ve all met them and seen them in concert a bunch of times :(

my life.


theyre my favourite band thats still alive
im too happy im so seeing them as soon as them come to toronto

today I got drunk at a misfits concert and crowd surfed three times
good day, good day


The ramones record shopping
The ramones record shopping

i wanna make more gifs, suggestions?

i like to post somewhat original stuff
what band gifs do you wanna see?
ive already made alot of sex pistols and ramones gifs unless you like that shit